During my morning surfing, I found a Web site that had recommendations on how to save a few bucks by renting instead of buying. Most of us have done this before — like renting a DVD movie instead of buying one. In fact, I haven’t bought a DVD or VHS movie in over 10+ years. It is cheaper to rent the movie if you want to view it or now you can just can stream it from Netflix.

But one of the recommendations was to rent a fancy casket instead of buying one. On the site it stated:

Rent a Casket

OK, this one may seem excessively creepy at first, but consider funeral costs today.

The average price of a casket alone is $2,000 and can run upwards of $10,000 for a really nice one. Rather than spending that kind of money, rent a casket for the service at a few hundred bucks and later transfer the departed into something more economical for burial. They’re not going to know the difference, anyway.

I have always believed that dying is just another part of life and should not be feared. My wife and I have already paid for a service in which we will be cremated and our ashed put into a urn. I have already confirmed a spot for both of us at out local veterans cemetery. Morbid? I think not. I believe it is just being responsible.

Several years ago I went to a funeral of one of my relatives. The casket was beautifully crafted and reminded me of a fine piece of art. In addition the family had selected the casket be placed into a mausoleum. The total cost of the entire shindig was about $25k.

A few of the other recommendations were to rent power tools and text books instead of buying.

Comments, opinions, and recommendations are welcome.

Source – BudgetsAreSexy