Apple iPad Users Can Be Part Of A Microsoft Survey

Microsoft is looking for Apple iPad users to be part of a survey being held at its Redmond campus. The study is intended to study how people use their iPad. It seems that anyone can sign up for the study, which will last about two hours. The study will be between July 16th to July 21st, 2010.  The only mention of payment is stated as:

In appreciation for your time, each participant will be offered a Microsoft gratuity item

To sign up just follow these easy instructions:

If you are interested, please respond to the questions below to [email protected] with the subject line “iPad”:

• Name/Age
• Phone Number
• Job Title/Company
• Are you employed full time?
• Are you a student?
• Do you own an iPad?

It should be interesting to see how people respond, since most people who bought the Apple iPad could be considered Apple fanboys. As most of us know, Apple users have no great love for Microsoft and may be reluctant to help what they may consider the enemy camp. LOL

Comments welcome.

Source – TechCrunch