There should be an image here!Steve Jobs has not made it a secret that he believes Blu-ray is not worth having Apple including in with their products. Perhaps he also lives in a city deep under water in which broadband Internet is available to everyone in the world cheaply and easily, too?

Whatever his thinking might be, this Blue-ray group has made their difference of opinion crystal clear and to be honest, they may have a good point.

The fact of the matter is people are using Blu-ray, they are not using “some magic concept yet to be invented” as Jobs seems to believe will happen soon. Blu-ray is tangible, it can be given to a family friend and you will never find it locking you out of your account after being hacked (iTunes).. Clearly, Steve-o might want to noodle his reasons a bit more. Hell, he heads a company selling phones with antennae problems for cripes sake!