Automobile marketing experts would like to convince us that Americans don’t like station wagons. The rise in popularity of the minivan, then the sport utility vehicle (SUV), and finally the vrossover would point to this preference… or so they say. On the other side of the pond, the opposite is true. Europeans love station wagons — although they prefer to refer to them as “Touring” models — and frown on SUVs, which they regard as wasteful.

Enter the Honda Accord Crosstour: Honda’s first effort to marry the popularity of the crossover with the tourer (aka: station wagon).

Make no mistake about it. The Accord Crosstour’s design is polarizing, with an aerodynamic shape that would seem to put function over form. That sleek shape, along with a V6 engine that uses Variable Cylinder Management (VCM), delivers benefits that transcend both the photographs and the official fuel economy estimates.

Reference: Honda Accord Crosstour Review