Too little, too late? I mean seriously, Android and the Apple iPad have this fairly well covered I think. Regardless, it appears that Microsoft is looking to gain insights from Apple iPad users to help build out the Microsoft Slates once they finally come to fruition.

Apparently, Microsoft is so serious about this that it even went so far as to create a Facebook event inviting iPad users to Redmond to share in all that makes the iPad sought after by those who love it. Is Microsoft completely serious? Sadly, it appears so.

With the skill of a Vista launch, the Redmond giant has made itself not only look incredibly inept through this public effort, it also concedes that Apple is eating its lunch in the consumer arena.

Microsoft, allow me to save you millions in wasted money. Buy a single iPad, look at what is missing, then cover those bases. Even better, accept that you’re waaaaay late to this game and put your efforts into Windows Phone 7 with a renewed sense of purpose. Just a friendly suggestion as this effort is merely a waste of time. Too little, too late.