Sir Walter Scott once stated, ‘Oh the tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.’

So what exactly did Sir Scott mean when he wrote this? According to WikiAnswers:

Deception is a false reality imposed on a true reality. It is a fragile and complex weaving of truth, half truths’, lies and lies of omission. To successfully deceive another or several people, one must be skilled in the art of deception. To create a deception worthy of belief one must be able to create plausible details that help create the illusion of truth.

In my younger years I called this BS. You knew that the person who was weaving the tale was shading the truth to make himself look better. But when a company shades the truth about a hardware product, it puts itself before the world to be scrutinized. So when the folks at Apple chose to remove all threads that cited the recent Consumer Reports article — which confirmed a reception problem — it makes one wonder what Apple is trying to hide.

If Apple takes the same road as Toyota and BP have taken, I am sure that some bored Congress person will ask for a hearing.

But the bottom line is this: if you are not happy with your new Apple iPhone 4, just take the darned thing back for a full refund.

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Source – Consumerist