You are in the market to buy a cell phone and want service from a company that offers the best coverage where you live. How do you know which company to use? The first thing you may wish to do is ask family members and friends which company they use and how the coverage is. But if you are like I am, you also want to do some checking on your own to get other folks’ opinion about the service they are receiving as well in your area.

There are two sites that you can try to find out just how good a company’s cell service is where you live. One is DeadCell Zones, which provides an interactive map à la Google to zoom in and out of locations and also offers the ability to select from the four major carriers: Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile.

Another site to check to see if you live in a black hole is CellReception. This site offers what it describes as a database of over:

142,822 cell phone tower locations registered with the FCC, and over 55,300 cell phone carrier comments submitted voluntarily from real customers using their service all over the U.S.

I found CellReception very useful since it was easy to find which company offered the best coverage for my neighborhood. The comments from consumers were very helpful and I would highly recommend this site.

The importance of coverage for those of us who have dropped our landline and have gone completely to cell can not be over stated. I found my phone from AT&T had a very poor signal reception inside my home, whereas my Straight Talk phone, which uses Verizon, is great. I also believe that the phone model itself will dictate how good your signal will be.

Is there a site that you would recommend? Let us know.

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Source – DeadCellZones

Source – CellReception