General Motors is gearing up to start selling their new electric powered Chevy Volt towards the end of the year. But one of the main concerns is just how long the battery will last and what kind of warranty will be offered. GM is going to be offering a 8 year/ 100,000 mile warranty on the battery to instill confidence in their product.

In a recent article it further stated:

The batteries have a similar chemical composition to those in cell phones and computers. Those batteries often wear out in a few years and are relatively expensive to replace. Early on GM had pegged the cost of a 400-pound Volt battery at about $10,000, the most expensive single component in the car.

Costs should drop as GM sells more Volts, and should be substantially lower after eight years, Stephens said. He said used batteries can be shipped to GM to be rebuilt to extend their lives. Customers also would have the option of disposing of them, he said.

What has not been discussed is how these used batteries will be disposed of. I would imagine that the proper way would be to recycle them and reuse the parts. This is going to be an exciting experiment to watch and to see just how good or bad these electric cars will be.

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Source – Silicon Valley