One of the best things you can do to facilitate adoption of social networking tools is to provide real examples of how individuals and teams can use the tools within their day-to-day activities. Furthermore, creating success stories of individuals and teams who have adopted the tools provides concrete examples and motivation for others to get on-board.

If you’re building use cases within an adoption strategy, consider creating use cases around some common activities that are applicable to most teams. These common activities may include:

  • Prioritization Activities — Utilize the tools to create shared goals/objectives, prioritize them, and capture the final outcome/decisions.
  • Project Planning Activity — Utilize the tools to create a timeline, define project objectives and goals, and build project-related documents.
  • Discussion Activity — Utilize the tools to discuss a topic of interest/importance, build a threaded discussion, and capture the results.
  • Decision Activity — Utilize the tools to define a problem, identify potential solutions, gather consensus, and reach a final decision.
  • Meeting Activity — Utilize the tools to arrange meetings, create an agenda, record minutes with decisions and action items, and define next steps.
  • Research Activity — Utilize the tools to collect and share relevant information related to a research topic.