It’s almost difficult to not make some kind of James Bond joke out of Russian spies working for Microsoft’s software testing division, but here we are. Seems that one Alexey Karetnikov worked for Microsoft as a software tester and now we learn that he was, indeed, a Russian agent.

I suspect that some people might be wondering what someone working as a software tester might hope to gain from a spy’s perspective, but we have to remember that this was merely part of the identity building idea. I mean, let’s face it. Unless letting Russia in on the latest software bugs and Easter Eggs is somehow a boon to Russian interests, I believe that individuals such as Karetnikov were merely working their way up the ladder into bigger arenas within their circle of influence.

It’s wild to think that we still live in a world where this sort of thing can happen. Worse is that these folks were working right under our noses the whole time. The comedy I see is Mr. Karetnikov explaining Vista to his handlers.

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