There should be an image here!I used to have a great memory, but I’m convinced that my work is killing my memory. When you interact with a lot of different people in real life and online, you’re sure to become frazzled because you can only mentally keep track of so many personal details about the people you’re communicating with. Having basic information (name, address, phone number) about people in some sort of contact database isn’t enough – you need more. Noteleaf tries to help you remember the people that you’ve met and keep you in contact with them.

You can use the bookmarklet to write notes about people wherever you may be online, and your notes can be recorded however you’d like. Not only can your notes be searched through, but you can also schedule reminders to help you remember to communicate with people at specific times about certain things. A lot of us could use help in this area, so give Noteleaf a try and see if it’s for you. Your brain will continue to thank you, that’s for sure.