Ever wish the Old Spice man would talk to you? Well, what if he responded to your tweets? In one of the more creative social media ad campaigns I’ve ever seen, Old Spice is making very good use of both YouTube and Twitter. The Old Spice man is now responding to your tweets via YouTube videos.

Starting with a response to Ellen DeGeneres, the Old Spice man has been busy responding to messages sent to him on the popular micro-blogging service.

The Old Spice man has also responded to some big names in the social media world, such as Digg founder Kevin Rose. Kevin had tweeted out about being sick. The Old Spice dude sent Kev a personal get-well greeting.

In getting personal with the YouTube videos, Old Spice has really created a big boom in the social media world. By using direct marketing and getting the public involved, they have managed to create a LOT of buzz about the topic. And the more buzz about the topic – the more people want to use the product. If you do a simple Twitter search for Old Spice, your mind will be blown at the sheer number of tweets that are flying around.

The Old Spice man has also responded to some celebrity name such as Alyssa Milano.