There should be an image here!It looks like Google is asking for federally-funded construction projects in the future to include fiber conduit as part of the schematics. And you know something, I don’t really have a problem with such a request. Let’s face it, the conduit ought to be laid anyway, and the opportunity presents itself to save digging things up later. And it’s better than any other alternatives I have heard of. I can live with this. Less waste down the road and it’s better than the feds running the fiber itself.

The only issue I see is the fact that our country is living in a huge financial vacuum right now. Without diving too deep into politics or finger pointing, the problem is that someone is going to need to pay for the fiber conduit and asking the federal government to do this is, well, a bit naive.

Perhaps Google can provide the funds for the conduit itself if the fed will spring for the labor. Not an idea fix, but one that addresses the two challenges in front of us — funding the project and ensuring we remain competitive with broadband access that is not hugging the copper world of cable.

[Photo above by miguelb / CC BY-ND 2.0]

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