There should be an image here!Wow, now I know I dodged a bullet when I hear Apple’s co-founder suggesting to folks that carrying an extra phone is prudent when relying on the signal eating capabilities of the iPhone 4.

So while iOS 4.1 addresses the lack of signal strength issue (at least cosmetically), the antenna problem goes on unresolved. Seriously, you know someone screwed up when you type the word antenna into Google news and every story is about how Apple botched it big time. But hey, at least you get FaceTime! Yeah, more like face to palm in frustration…

For me though the icing on the cake was Woz’s advice on making sure the phone was from Verizon. After all, if you’re on AT&T, carrying the extra phone might not be all that helpful as Verizon does, indeed, have a vastly better network in those “hard to reach areas.”

[Photo above by tweakfest / CC BY-ND 2.0]

[awsbullet:Steve Wozniak]