There should be an image here!A lot of companies may think they collaborate in a good way, but is that really the case? Efficient collaboration involves a lot more than exchanging a bunch of e-mail messages and phone calls. People have been collaborating in that way for decades now, so there’s nothing new there. Even advanced project management tools have been around for several years now, so collaborating efficiently involves using the right tools in the right way. TeamLab is another project management tool that might be the right fit for your organization.

There’s definitely something to be said for having every employee be a part of a collaboration tool like TeamLab. Of course, being a part of it is one thing, but using it is an entirely different matter. Speaking from experience, it can be a challenge to get your team members to use collaboration tools, but with group features like tasks, milestones, a wiki, blogs and forums, and an instant messaging interface, maybe they’ll be inclined to give it a try. TeamLab is also open source, so you really can make it your own, which might do the trick in your company.