A while ago, it was reported that the Blu-ray governing body had approved multiple layer Blu-ray discs, where each layer would hold approximately 30 GB of data, making for some monstrous discs capable of backing up the largest servers on a handful of discs. What was not given at that time was how quickly the actual hardware would follow the approved spec.

The 3 layer discs are to be released very soon, with the accompanying Blu-ray recorders to properly record data on these discs dubbed BDXL.


The recently-finalized BDXL standard enabling discs with up to 4 layers and 128GB of storage space is coming to market, the Japanese market to be exact, at the end of this month, courtesy of Sharp Corporation.

The first BDXL discs is codenamed VR-100BR1, has three layers, 100GB of space, and will debut on July 30th, priced at around $57. To complement the 100GB disc Sharp is also launching the BD-HDW700 and BD-HDW70 Blu-ray recorder and player featuring BDXL support.

I have done some digging, to no use it seems. All over the net I have been looking for some pricing on the pricing of the BDXL recorders, but you can bet it will be steep at first. It is a bit strange for the first producer to be Sharp, rather than Sony, or possibly one of the Matsushita brands (Panasonic, JVC, etc.) but Sharp is fully capable of producing quality stuff.

Perhaps the fact that Sharp is making the first of the breed will make the rest of the competitors jump in with both feet and drive the prices down quickly – but I wouldn’t hold my breath.




Server room

What was once a server room to hold data can be replaced by one BDXL disc and a drive.