The arrogance of it all. When Apple was a small company catering to their fanboy base, they could get away with their bad boy attitude. The Apple zealots tolerated this behavior because they were infatuated with Apple products and considered themselves renegades in the world of computers. But as Apple has expanded their product line to draw in people outside of their inner circle, Apple has a new game to play, a game in which people expect more. Especially when people are plucking down hundreds of dollars for an Apple product such as the iPhone, the expectations are higher and the secret society attitude no longer applies.

Today the world is watching for how Apple responds to the iPhone reception problem. Does the company know how to say it is sorry? Or is it going to stumble and continue on their attitude that users are holding the phone incorrectly?  I believe that the company will respond in a positive manner and will provide a free fix that will satisfy all users.

If the company fails to do this, they could end up like Oprah. The once darling of the airwaves has lost market share and now Judge Judy is watched by more people than Oprah is.

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Source – New York Post