The current crop of Toyota commercials want us to believe that at Toyota, safety is their number one concern. So when a story broke that the NHTSA had confirmed that it was drivers error and not a mechanical issue, that has caused the fatal accidents that made headline, it seemed that the truth had been finally confirmed. Or was it the truth?

According to an article at Just-Auto the NHTSA has confirmed that the story was ‘planted’ by the PR department of Toyota:

“That story was planted by Toyota,” an NHTSA spokeswoman in Washington told just-auto. “Toyota is the source – yes we know that for definite.

“It is [the] Toyota PR machine. We knew they were going to put it out.”

If this is true, than Toyota is distributing erroneous information in an attempt to conceal the real facts related to the reported fatal accidents we have all read about.

I went onto the NHTSA web site and there is nothing to confirm or deny the information.

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Source – Just-Auto