There should be an image here!Whether you like it or not, your audience wants to talk to you. A lot of people have embraced this fact by using social media to connect with their community, but would you consider being so accessible to your community that you enable them to call you? Talking on Twitter or Facebook using text is one thing, but actually talking may be an entirely different matter. Regardless, depending on the type of Web site that you have, this may be something that you want to do. Zingaya makes it easy for your visitors to reach you through voice calls.

You might think that you could just list your phone number on your Web site and let people call you that way, and you could, but Zingaya is different. The service uses a calling widget that sits on your site, and when a visitor clicks on it, they’ll be able to call you and have a conversation straight from the computer without any additional software. Depending on the plan that you choose, you can forward the calls to Skype, forward them to a landline or mobile number, establish working hours when you can receive calls, record them, and so on. Not only is this accessible for your visitors, but your contact information is also protected.