Good news  for all who value space above everything else, as the first 1TB small form factor drives from Samsung are on the way. They will make it possible for many to have storage in a notebook, a game console, or in hand (in an external case) beyond anyone’s dreams of a few years ago.

Not only smaller, but more energy efficient also, states the Samsung spec sheet. These drives are taking noise output to new lows as well – nice when you’re doing something that requires quiet, like using a computer in the same room as someone sleeping.


Samsung Electronics has today proudly announced that it began pumping out the new Spinpoint MT2 family of 2.5-inch hard drives which includes 750GB and 1TB models aimed for use in mobile PCs and portable storage solutions like the Samsung S2 Portable USB-connected HDD.

The MT2 drives are 12.5mm thick (9.5mm is the ‘standard’), make use of three 333GB platters, and feature a SATA 3.0 Gbps interface, a working speed of 5400 RPM (rotations per minute), 8MB of buffer memory, as well as the SilentSeek and NoiseGuard technologies which lower sound output.

“The new Spinpoint MT2 drive offers the largest capacity in what has previously been offered as an option for portable digital devices,” said I.C. Park vice president, storage marketing, Samsung Electronics. “As the total storage solution provider, Samsung is committed to offering products that features exceptional performance and value across a wide range of computing and consumer electronics markets.”

Samsung’s new drives are also claimed to offer 20% increased read/write performance and 4% lower power consumption compared with competitive drives.


While no mention is made of 7200 RPM versions of these drives, I’m certain we will see them soon, as all manufacturers will be offering smaller, enterprise class drives soon – 5400 RPM won’t cut it for business usage. The drawback to this series is that not all notebooks will be able to use the thicker drive internally, but it is nice to know that carrying 1 TB of information can now be so compact, and soon, many external USB and eSATA drive cases will surely become the home for these drives.




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Hitachi_Deskstar_7K2000_HDD_01What once took 5 platters, and 10 heads, is now accomplished with a smaller form, 2.5” vs. 3.5”, and only 3 platters. The Hitachi 1 TB was SOTA not so long ago…