There should be an image here!Tired of paying too much for computer repairs? Discover a multitude of money-saving tips for repairing your own computer. In this manual:

  • You get over 400 pages and 200 illustrations to help you understand the process of computer repair.
  • Learn to troubleshoot major and minor problems… with ease!
  • You get the general troubleshooting, repairs, and upgrades, advanced computer repair techniques, and more.
  • You receive over 100 topics and more computer repair instructions and techniques that take you from everyday repair to the component level of repair.
  • For the advanced there is a section on how to melt yer computer in three easy steps — or, better still, how not to melt your computer. It is all about overclocking. (Now that is geek!)

Also included:

  • Find out how to easily resolve the most common PC problems.
  • Sections to assist you with XP or Windows 7 from installation to optimization.
  • A section on the operation of a computer by each device along with some history from a technician’s point of view. Insights to some of the history that normally would not be published.
  • Never forget a step, thanks to the 12 checklists included for your convenience!

Discover these and many, many more tips and techniques most computer repair geeks will not tell you!

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