It’s weird… I’m such a huge fan of my iPhone 3GS that I can’t imagine ever switching to another phone. I’m able to do almost everything with it and I feel way more efficient since I have this amazing device in my possession.

The first time I heard a rumor about Microsoft developing a phone I was very skeptical. I mean, c’mon, the company that brought us Vista is developing a phone and is trying to compete in a market where Apple rules? Seriously?

But then, the rumors started to fade and I realized that Microsoft is actually developing a Phone and the feedback is pretty decent. Meanwhile I switched jobs, which also meant that I was working starting to work more with the latest stuff of the big company from Redmond.

I was so caught up in Apple and all its amazing “stuff” that I was completely ignoring the fact that Microsoft is actually doing some good work. The Windows 7 platform, including its server segment, is just amazing! To be honest, being a system administrator of the Windows platform (note: I mean the Windows 7 and 2008 server platforms) is in some cases easier to manage than the Apple platform.

So back to the Windows Phone…

I started to wonder: what if the Windows Phone is just as amazing, well thought out, and slick, as Windows 7? In that case, this actually could mean that the iPhone could get some harsh competition.. Of course, Microsoft is behind; I mean, Apple has released four phones already and Microsoft is just releasing its first phone. It runs behind for at least a couple of years.

Today I finally could read some actual stuff about the Windows Phone. I’m a faithful reader of Paul Thurrott’s blogs and listen to his podcasts. He strikes me as a serious and “say-it-like-it-is” kinda guy. He is always very critical on all the tech development “out there.” So I value his opinion on these “new developments.” I never saw Paul write so excitedly about a product as the Windows Phone.

Here are some tidbits from Paul’s blog:

The Windows Phone People hub seamlessly integrates contacts from, say, your employer’s Exchange Server and the Facebook social networking service, which is an almost surreal experience. And the Calendar application lets you mix and match corporate calendars (Exchange, Outlook) with personal calendars (Google, Windows Live). These types of combinations run throughout the device, blurring the line between work and play.

The email interface is all about reading, featuring elegant black text on a white background, stark and unadorned of any graphical frills. But in use, it is efficient and fast, and it triages email as swiftly as my previous smart phone favorite, the iPhone.

I was like, wow, this has to be an amazing device and to be honest I’m really excited about this. Read the whole blogpost, it’s a well written piece and it has some screendumps from the phone.

Windows Phone 7 Strikes an Emotional Chord

I really would like to hold on to a Windows Phone just to experience it myself! I hope I can test one out for our company. Just have to figure out how I get my boss to buy a Windows Phone for testing purposes.