There should be an image here!Do you have any trips that you’re currently planning? Since this is summer, it’s likely that you either just completed a trip or are looking forward to one. Depending on where you’re going and what you’re wanting to do, there may be a lot of planning that’s involved to make your trip a success. In fact, you may be using a number of different services to help make the trip a reality. If a trip that you’re planning contains a lot of different elements, you could probably use some help keeping everything organized and planned properly, and Kukunu wants to help you plan your next trip.

Not only can you plan your trip yourself, but if you’re traveling with other people, you can collaborate with them so that you can build the perfect trip together. Along the way you’ll get recommendations for things like hotels and activities, and when you’re ready, you can book your trip through Kukunu and their booking partners. All you’ll have to do after that is look forward to your upcoming trip.