Right after the Coca-Cola scam hit Facebook we have another one promising to reveal the truth about Coca-Cola, but it aims to get a hold of your personal information. Now there are two more spreading throughout Facebook via status updates.

Scam One: “OMG!! Guys, you have to see this: This mother went to jail for taking this pic of her son,” and when you click, it links to a page that tricks you into sharing the story with your Facebook friends. Once it shares the fake, the page will take you to a survey to take your personal info. And you never end up finding what the picture means.

Scam Two is also spreading around Facebook status updates. This message reads, “OMG!! McDonalds might soon shut down because of this, you have to see this,” and is followed by the same process above  — just getting your information and not ever giving you what you are looking for.

The solution: if a Facebook page or any site insists that you share a piece of information before reaching the promised destination, it is most likely a scam. Remember to never give away your personal info.