There should be an image here!A recent study discovered that mold flourishes — often in places you’d least expect. Here are some interesting statistics: on 88% of windowsills, on 83% of refrigerator seals, under 82% of sinks, and on 49% of shower grout you will find mold.

So how do you remove these molds and mildews without exposing yourself to even more hazardous chemicals or toxins?

The paper pulp and textile industries all moved away from chlorine-based bleaching and into a safe non toxic and environmentally sound alternative… so why is the average American household cleaning regimen still decades behind industrial OSHA and EPA standards?

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover from this eBook, 101 Home Uses Of Hydrogen Peroxide:

  • The real dangers of chlorine that no one is talking about and what you can do to avoid them.
  • The number one reason you should use hydrogen peroxide in place of most home cleaning products.
  • The simple fast and easy way to get rid of almost any stain on any fabric or surface in your home!

This eBook not only contains all the instructions and an easy to use cleaning chart, but also includes all the references and sources so you can find the inexpensive and effective ingredients to replace what’s in your toxic cleaning cupboard!

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