There should be an image here!Here is a useful add-in for those people who use Outlook!

Microsoft recently released an updated version of the Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector – version 14.0. In a nutshell, the add-in lets you feed other email accounts into Outlook so you can check email from various account types in one location. Furthermore, the connecter lets you manage your Windows Live calendar and contacts from within Outlook.

Version 14.0 of the hotmail connector includes some new improvements over the previous version. If you are running Outlook 2010, there are also a number of new features including:

  • Junk filter settings. Your safe sender, blocked sender, and safe recipient lists are synchronized between Outlook and Hotmail.
  • Integrated Send/Receive. Send/receive works just as it does for your other Outlook accounts.
  • Integrated connection status. The Hotmail account status appears in the Outlook status bar.
  • Rule support for secondary accounts. Rules can be applied to the Hotmail account in Outlook, even if that is not your Outlook primary account.
  • Synchronize your drafts. The Outlook Drafts folder synchronizes with the Hotmail Drafts folder.

You can download the Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector 14.0 here.

[Photo above by Joshua Rappeneker / CC BY-ND 2.0]