San Francisco resident Horatio Toure is most likely still wondering how police were able to arrest him after he stole an Apple iPhone from a woman in a South of Market neighborhood. It seems that Jordan Strum was out on the sidewalk in the process of demonstrating new GPS tracking software when Toure struck.

The thief, riding a bicycle by Strum, snatched the Apple iPhone out of Strum’s hand. She ran back to where her boss was tracking the phone on his laptop to report the theft. Police were called and with the assistance of Strum’s boss, followed the thief, who was arrested just 10 minutes after the theft.

An article in SF Gate also states:

Kahn is the chief executive of Covia Labs of Mountain View. He was in San Francisco on Monday demonstrating a product called Alert & Respond to his public relations folks at their South of Market office.

Geared for police and the military, the program allows for real-time tracking of the location of officers and other people and resources. It also allows for the integration of phones, computers and other devices and communication between them.

Kahn said he had asked an assistant, Jordan Sturm, to take his phone out on the sidewalk so he could track her location on his laptop. Seconds after she left, though, a curious thing happened. She appeared — according to Alert & Respond — to be running at high speed down the street.

But Sturm no longer had the phone. After she hurried back into the office, she called police and the company relayed the phone’s ever-changing location to officers.

Then there was this:

“What are the odds,” Kahn asked, “that you would grab someone’s cell phone during a demonstration of the ability to track the phone’s location in real time? That’s what this unfortunate thief did.”

If you are like me, this does make one wonder. Unlucky thief or a publicity stunt? I am sure the cops are scratching their heads and thinking the same thing. It should be interesting to see if anything more comes from this story. If the story is true, we can then award Toure the unlucky thief award. LOL

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Source – SF Gate