There should be an image here!While there are a lot of great free applications that can be used online, there are also premium applications that may cost a little money, but you usually get what you pay for. Some of the free services even offer premium upgrades to help you get more out of the tools that you use. It can be hard to motivate yourself to pay for one single product or application, but if you’re purchasing a bundle of applications for a discounted price, you might be more motivated. These deeply discounted bundle deals have been around in various forms before, but AppSumo offers deals that you should definitely at least check out.

The bundles are organized around various themes, and as of right now, the bundle that’s available includes applications that help you maximize your business. If you purchased all of the applications separately, your total cost would be US$547, but the total for the bundle comes to US$55. Yeah, that’s a pretty impressive discount. Not only that, but with the current promotion, they’re donating 50% of each sale to the National Wildlife Federation to help with the oil spill cleanup efforts in the Gulf of Mexico. By the time this gets published, you’ll still have time to be a part of this deal and you’ll want to stay tuned for future deals.