There should be an image here!By now most of you have likely heard about the IT controversy with Transocean, a faulty computer system and the IT department that turned off the alarms. Some folks have blamed this squarely on Microsoft’s shoulders. And as much as I’d normally jump on that bandwagon, the fact of the matter is the OS by itself was not at fault. Someone made a dumb choice and left a faulty system in play.

Let me paint you another picture. A guy puts out food to eat that he knows is going to make people ill. After all, it smells really bad. But rather than replacing the food, he turns on some device to take away the bad smell. End result: people still get sick. Was the food at fault for being faulty? Well, yes… but it was left out by some idiot!

Yes, there is a reason why the U.S. DoD, Postal Service, Stock Exchange, and countless other entities that run mission critical services are NOT relying on Windows. But any system can, in fact, go down. The question is not shaking our fists at the system that went down, only to turn it back on. Rather, why not instead replace it with a working system, even running the same OS? If it happens two and three times with multiple samples of the same OS… then we can blame Microsoft. Sadly, however, this was never done. So it is a case of boneheaded IT at work and not provable to be anything else.

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