In America we take pride in our entrepreneurial spirit. We also wonder why there are so many among us who are homeless and some times believe these people simply do not want to work. So when you combine a homeless man with the entrepreneurial spirit, you would think he would be applauded. Except this homeless man decided to open a bar that had been closed, after the real bar owner had lost his liquor license. In stepped the law that arrested the man, confiscated the liquor and rounded up bushels of cash.

In an article at the L.A. Times they stated the following:

According to Placer County Sheriff’s detectives, Kevie had learned that the Valencia club lost its liquor license and shut down because he worked on the clean-up crew for the previous owner. Kevie allegedly broke into the building on July 16th, placed an open sign in the window, and started selling alcohol with a six pack of beer he purchased from across the street.

His ruse was exposed when Placer County Detective Jim Hudson recognized Kevie’s picture in a July 19th article published in the Auburn Journal about the reopening of the Valencia Club. Hudson arrived at the club and found Kevie selling alcohol to customers without a liquor license. Kevie was booked into the Placer County Jail, and a large amount of alcohol and cash was confiscated from the club.

This just goes to show how the newspapers can hinder a man who is trying to better himself and at the same time provide a needed service to his community! LOL

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Source – L.A. Times