RFID technology may be coming to a store near you if  Walmart has their way. The mega retailer wants to tag men’s jeans, underwear and socks to better track their inventory. This will make it easier for clerks to find out which sizes are being sold and need to be replenished. But some privacy advocates fear that the technology could be used to scan customers as they enter the store. It seems that some states use RFID technology in the drivers license’s they issue, that could track customers and ID the person as they enter Walmart.

But according to a Walmart spokesperson, this will not happen:

Wal-Mart spokesman Lorenzo Lopez said customers are in control because they can remove the electronic labels after they buy the items.

“We’re not able to read any other products that walk in or any personally identifiable information,” Lopez said.

He said Wal-Mart sees the system as a way to gain insight into its inventory and figure out quickly its best-selling sizes and products so that clerks can keep the shelves stocked.

In another related article it also stated that Walmart is not embedding RFID chips into the clothing article, but on the packaging or clothing labels. They want to assure the public the RFID can be easily removed.

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