Usually, when a Stable version of Chrome comes around, with a newer, beta version an integer ahead, there will be no more progress on that Stable version.

This time around, it is different, as there is a new version 5.x which has some security fixes as well as other bug squashing taking place.


Google has late last night (or early today, depending on your time zone) let loose a new Google Stable build – 5.0.375.125, for Windows, Linux and Mac OS, which brings fixes for five vulnerabilities and includes workarounds for two critical bugs.

The list of fixes includes the following:

– [42736] Medium Memory contents disclosure in layout code.

– [43813] High Issue with large canvases.

– [47866] High Memory corruption in rendering code.

– [48284] High Memory corruption in SVG handling.

– [48597] Low Avoid hostname truncation and incorrect eliding.

… so an update is highly recommended. You can get the full Chrome 5.0.375.125 Stable from this page .


So its upgrade time for all who are not using the 6.x builds, and now we should also see a new revision in the Iron, Dragon, and Chrome Plus builds, to reflect the changes. As a user of Iron and Dragon ( across a few machines); it is more than time we saw an update to both, as there appears to have been a summer slack off in the development of both of these browsers.




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