Last evening I became involved in a conversation, where I was actually a listener, in which the discussion addressed whether the iPhone or Droid X was a better phone. Interesting were not only the issues of cell phones, but also providers. Though my experience with both AT&T vs Verizon has been limited, I personally favor Verizon.

I do believe that the service from either AT&T or Verizon will  depend on where you live. But which phone is better? According to one person, he felt that the Android X had a better user interface than the iPhone. He based this on his experience using both his Droid X phone vs. his wife’s iPhone 3G.

So I took a look at his Droid X and immediately found it simple to use. His connection to the Internet was fast. Very fast. Another person had an iPhone, which I also tried. Again this phone was also easy to use and the Internet was just as fast. So does it just come down to personal preference? Or is one phone better than another?

Please share your experience with us.

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