There should be an image here!When the technology industry was first starting to pick up steam, it seemed like the idea was to add as many features to products as possible just because you could. After some time passed, many of us became burned-out on feature overload and traded those principles for simplicity. A lot of the popular applications that you see today are advanced, but they’re usually focused on doing the one thing that they do well. I’ve seen a lot of simple services before, but takes simplicity to a new level.

There’s not much of anything here, and I love that. The tool exists to enable you to share text and/or files with other people in an easy way. Type the text, add the files, and then use the unique URL to share the content with the people that you want to see it. You can even customize the URL if you’d like it to be more memorable. That’s it, so there’s really not much more to say except that you should bookmark so that you can be reminded of what real simplicity looks like.

[Photo above by dbdbrobot / CC BY-ND 2.0]