When Apple starts to sell its latest Apple iPhone 4 in Canada, the phones will be unlocked. The consumer will be able to choose any of the three major carriers to buy service from. But the iPhones are going to command a hefty price. The iPhone 4 with 16GB will sell for $659 and the 32GB will cost $779.

In a CBC article it stated:

“The offers or plans of the big three Canadian carriers might look similar, but for some customers who know how to bargain on a specific service or within a bundled backdrop, there may be some opportunities for cost savings,” said Amit Kaminer, an analyst with The SeaBoard Group telecommunications consultancy.

“And, having no contract? Some might say that you can’t put a value on freedom.”

“There’s room for prices to come down and eventually we might have a fairly large proportion of the market that buys phones up front,” she said. “Some people will want it and there will be a market for it, but on the other hand it’s still a very high price.”

While Canadians are starting to show some appetite for paying the full cost of lower-priced phones up front, they are still likely to chafe at the hefty price tags that upper-end devices such as the iPhone carry, Lemay said.

Apple said it is also currently selling the iPhone 3GS, an older model with eight gigabytes of storage, unlocked in its stores for $549.

I don’t believe anyone can argue that not many people are going to opt to buy an iPhone at such a high price. Most people will want to pay a lower price and take a multi-year contract along with the phone purchase.

What do you think? Would you buy an unlocked iPhone for $600 or $700 if it was unlocked?

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Source – CBC News