There should be an image here!Our overuse of email often results in lengthy email strings as we attempt to carry on virtual conversations through email messages. The result is many redundant messages that consume space and clutter your Inbox.

Usually each message within the conversation contains every response so maintaining a history of threads can be time consuming. For example, Joe (Mail A) sends a message to Mary and Bob. Mary replies to Joe ‘s message (Mail B + Mail A). Bob replies to Mary’s message (Mail C + Mail B + Mail A). Joe replies to Bob’s message (Mail D + Mail C + Mail B + Mail A). You probably get the picture and see where the redundancy comes into play.

You certainly don’t need to keep every message within the conversation but identifying which messages can be saved is difficult. Often what ends up happening is we end up keeping redundant messages for the simple reason that we can’t figure out which ones to keep.

Outlook 2010 now makes it easier to maintain a history of conversations within Outlook without having to keep redundant messages. The Conversation Clean Up feature removes any redundant messages from a thread and saves any messages unique to the conversation. If you carry on a lot of conversations through Outlook, you should see a significant drop in mail box size (in some cases, up to 50%).

[Photo above by Joshua Rappeneker / CC BY-ND 2.0]