There should be an image here!We’ve become spoiled by how easy it is to share files online. Sending them through e-mail or manually uploading them to a server is so passe. In just a couple clicks, you can get what you need online and others can be downloading the files in seconds. While files are files, different types of files can benefit from a different storage and sharing experience. For example, sharing pictures can be different than sharing documents. Troovi is a picture exchanging service that enables your pictures to be shared and retain their high quality.

No account is needed, so when you select the pictures that you want to upload and upload them, you’ll get a unique URL that you can share with friends. The picture collection is collaborative in the sense that viewers can also upload their own pictures to go along with yours. Downloading the pictures is easy because you can download them one at a time or download the complete collection as a zip file. This is picture sharing that makes sense.