It might be argued that America has all the big SUVs it needs and that we needn’t build any more. But the times – and the SUVs – they are a changin’. Sport Utility Vehicles are rapidly giving way to Crossovers. V8 engines are on their way out, with V6 and four cylinder engines filling the void. The introduction of the new 2011 Ford Explorer is a case-in point … the old V8 is gone, as is the frame-based construction.

If you want to buy a new Explorer, you’ll have to choose between a V6 and a turbocharged direct-injected four-cylinder “EcoBoost” engine. Given the times, Ford’s move to smaller engines is necessary. Folks don’t want to give up their big vehicles but demand higher fuel efficiency.

Take a look at the numbers being put out by the new V6s and four-cylinder engines and you might just be surprised. Better yet, take a few test drives. You might just find that torque, horsepower, and fuel efficiency trump the number of cylinders.

Resource: New SUV Reviews