There should be an image here!Almost every day I hear of the danger of using debit cards when making our day to day purchases. Worse is the fact that ATMs, in some instances, can now be exploited remotely over — get this — dial up. Basically you just dial up the machine and go. Clearly it’s at least a very strong argument for not falling into the idea that using the ATM is all that safe.

Now the machines hacked were running Windows CE. But the article points out that unlike Microsoft, the ATM companies using Windows CE haven’t had the kind of experience Microsoft has had protecting itself.  Then again, when was the last time your Windows box displayed jackpot across the screen and spit money all over the floor? Not any time recently, I’ll bet.

Rather than pointing fingers either at the ATM companies or at Microsoft, I have a better idea. Don’t use ATMs at the little mini-marts. They’re poorly maintained and clearly not to be trusted. Best of all, you will not find your card as likely to be skimmed, either, by avoiding these machines. If you must use an ATM, use one attached to a bank (not drive-through ATMs).

[Photo above by zappowbang / CC BY-ND 2.0]

[awsbullet:Nathan Dungan]