Giving your blog readers or business customers an option to sign up to your email list is extremely beneficial to you. Being able to send emails to your customers about new products or articles you’ve written can dramatically increase your profitability. However, it’s important to use this tool in moderation. As a customer, you don’t want your inbox filling up with sales pitches from a single website — it’s a huge turn-off and may give them reason to unsubscribe. With that said, if you develop a reasonable schedule in releasing your newsletters, the potential of increasing your profitability is tremendous.

The power of email is often misunderstood by bloggers and business owners alike. This is because they don’t think they’ll be able to get a return on their investment. That is not the case. Using your email list for business promotion or affiliate marketing can provide a great alternative to just using a website. Not to mention that you’ll be directly appealing to customers that are interested in what you have to say.

It’s pretty difficult for a bricks and mortar store to have a reoccurring way of contacting their customers. Fortunately, as Internet business owners, we don’t have to struggle with the same problem. You see, once you’re able to get a customer’s email address, you have it for life (unless the customer opts out of course). But if they signed up in the first place, it’s probably safe to say that they have some sort of interest in your product. Furthermore, people generally don’t have the time (or are too lazy) to opt out of their email subscriptions. This is a huge bonus for online business owners, as you have a direct line of communication to your customer, which is extremely powerful.

As many of us who own a website or blog know, the link is the most powerful tool on the Internet. Links provide the gateway for someone to reach your website. Whether it be through Google, social networks, or from your own website, links are the most critical resource in growing your customer base. Now add an email list to that and you’ll have the chance to spread your link even further.

If you produce good content, whether it be on a blog or website, there is a greater chance that someone will want to spread the word about it. This is the same when we’re talking about email marketing. Through email forwarding and replies, you’ll have an even greater chance of making your content go viral — fantastic promotion for your brand. So really, it doesn’t matter how many people you gather on your email list. If you create attractive content and market it to the right people, your subscribers will do all the work for you.

So How Do I Get Started?

There are many email marketing tools on the internet, however, there’s only been one name that has really taken hold of the industry, and that is Aweber. From setting up auto responders to providing users with unique and attractive newsletter templates, Aweber is definitely the way to go if you’d like to start email marketing. Furthermore, they’re very inexpensive, costing upwards of $19 a month. That’s a very low price to pay considering how many customers you’ll be able to reach. Even better, the first month is only a dollar, allowing you to decide for yourself as to whether you have a need for it. So if you’re wanting to get started with an email marketing campaign I definitely recommend giving Aweber a try.