There should be an image here!Do we really need a big box store reselling 4G wireless services? Regardless of whether or not we might think it’s needed, this is exactly what’s happening. The basis of the idea is that one can buy a device, then have it activated under the same roof — it makes sense with mobile products.

What makes using Clearwire/Clear’s products for mobile devices a fail as far as I am concerned is their lack of support for Linux. Seriously, an ISP choosing to support some OSes and not others? No thanks, as I can get EVO working with other providers just fine. Heck, I can use a nice little GUI program to tether to my BlackBerry instead.

So offering Clearwire products in Best Buy stores may seem like a great idea, but in the end I think we have to really consider the fact that the coverage is generally poor compared to the alternatives out there. And besides that, its a bit expensive considering what you’re getting. Shop around; there are better alternatives for your money if you ask me.

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