With all of the hullabaloo about 3D television sets, one would think that that consumers would be flocking to the new and latest technology. But thus far in 2010, Internet enabled TVs seem to be king of the block. While this may not be the case several years from now, Internet enabled TVs are selling at a ratio of  approximately 7 to 1  compared to 3D.

Below is a chart that reflects the current trend for 2010 as well a future projected sales:

In addition a recent news article stated that:

Delivering content over broadband lines plugged in to the TVs is surely one of the next big explosion areas.

iSuppli reckons connected TV shipments will grow by 50 percent each year for the next two years, and by double-digit amounts thereafter up to 2014, when they are forecast to hit 148.3 in the year (that’s 54 percent of all flat-panel tellies).

But 3D TVs will continue shipping in far smaller numbers. “This is because 3D is still dealing with a number of barriers, including cost, content availability and interoperability, while IETV provides immediate benefits by allowing TV viewers to access a range of content readily available on the internet,” says iSuppli TV analyst Riddhi Patel.

I believe that it will be the cost savings that drives more folks to Internet enabled TV. What do you think?

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Source – paidContent