There should be an image here!We like to think that we live in a world where, when we buy a product, it should work. After all, with today’s latest technology, one would surmise that simple things like a working weed whacker isn’t too much to ask for. Apparently not.

Now let me pass along some background information: I hate yard work. If it wasn’t for the benefit of getting me into the fresh air on the weekends, I’d gravel my entire yard and leave it to the rocks. Grass is simply not worth it, despite my dogs likely feeling differently.

Today, for the umpteenth time, my cheap Black and Decker line trimmer tangled to the degree that re-spooling it was a wasted effort. And this got me to thinking. Why in the world are these stupid line trimmers the only alternative to an oil/gas mixed gas trimmer? I mean one is crap and the other is completely overkill!

Well despite the fact that Google is useless for searching out this kind of thing (problem solving search, anyone?), I found what appears to be the solution. A simple 3-blade system that should fit even my model of trimmer. No tangles, no spooling nightmares. Why isn’t something like this available by default? Kind of an iPhone line of thinking for yard supplies? Perhaps it’s time geeks got into suggesting improvements for yard care products? Because the stuff offered today is just sad.

[awsbullet:weed warrior]