Earlier in the year I wrote about the differences between the iMac vs. the MacBook Pro, attempting to figure out which one of these would serve me best in university. Throughout this discussion I found out that choosing a Mac is much more than the power on the inside. Knowing where you’ll be using your computer is a crucial component you’re going to need to consider before your purchase. Will you be taking your Mac to school? Do you run applications that will suck up resources and battery life? These are all important questions that you should be asking yourself before making your final decision.

Personally, I made the decision to go down a whole different path than what many people would consider doing. I decided to purchase a 27-inch iMac and an iPad. Yes, that’s right, I’m using an iPad for university. Initially, I was really concerned about whether the iPad would provide me with the applications and functionality necessary for me to be successful in college. Fortunately, the Pages, Numbers, and Keynote iPad apps provided me with everything I needed. Furthermore, I’ve had no difficulties using the iPad’s on screen keyboard doing my work. Even better, multi-tasking is rumored to be coming out later this fall.

I’ve heard the argument that the iPad is almost impossible to work with. My response to this would be that, just like any new product, it’s going to take some time to get used to. Sure, the device has its flaws, but it works extraordinarily well for me and my needs. And really, getting something that will work for me is all that really matters.

The iMac I purchased provides me with everything else I need when it comes to power. Transferring notes from my iPad to my iMac is as simple as an email, and the iTunes syncing capability works excellent.

So what Mac should you get for college? The answer is simple. Buy what you need, not what others think you may need.