Some people will try anything to make an illegal buck, and two guys down in Mississippi are no exception. It seems that two men were at a county fairground in Jackson, MS. had wrapped blocks of wood with duct tape and bubble wrap, and used fake Toshiba labels indicating that the items were laptop computers. The pair got caught when they drew the suspicious eye of an off-duty state trooper and uncovered the scam. Both men were lead off in hand cuffs, facing a variety of different charges including the sale of goods with fraudulent labels.

According to a recent news article it also stated that:

Hinds County officials said the men were trying to sell blocks of wood, covered in duct tape and bubble wrap, as laptops. They placed a Toshiba label on the duct tape, and another fake label had a price tag.

The men were also trying to pass off binders filled with paper as laptops.

“By the time you take it and get it home, you find you’ve purchased a block of wood, you may as well throw it in the fireplace. It’s no good,” said Lt. Jeffery Scott, public information officer with the Hinds County Sheriff’s Department.

The men were captured Thursday, after they tried to sell the counterfeit goods to an off-duty state trooper, who took down their license plate number.

“This type of thing wouldn’t happen if people weren’t trying to get something for nothing. But it’s very dangerous because it takes a lot of money out of the pocket of the consumer,” said Lt. Scott.

Officials say no one actually bought the knock-off laptops.

This reminds me of the scammers who would place bricks in boxes labeled as televisions and try to sell these to unsuspecting consumers.

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Source – WLBT3 TV