There should be an image here!Even though social networking is a form of communication that’s taking up a sizable piece of our online time, that doesn’t mean that e-mail is somehow a thing of the past. Many of us still live in our inbox, and for better or worse, I know I’m a part of that crowd. Of course, using e-mail doesn’t have to mean that you’re disconnected from everything outside of your inbox. I already use and love Gmail, and a browser add-on from Rapportive makes your Gmail contacts come alive.

This tool really does take your e-mail to the next level because you’re able to learn so much more about the people that you communicate with. Not only can you see things like their picture and profile information from various services, but you can also see their recent tweets and write private notes to help you remember details about the contacts. Suddenly your Gmail inbox will start to feel like a newfangled social tool, which isn’t such a bad thing when you stop and think about it.