So I am reading an article over at ComputerWorld in which the author tries to convince the reader that Microsoft has some type of plot to kill Windows XP off. The faulty logic uses the premise that Windows XP users who are still using SP2 cannot get security updates. The author states that:

Microsoft isn’t particularly pleased about the continuing success of Windows XP, which has more than twice the installed base of Windows Vista and 7 put together. So it’s trying its hardest to kill the operating system that won’t die, including refusing to issue security patches for XP SP2, putting many XP users at risk. Is that the right way to get people to upgrade?

This is going to come as a shock to many, but upgrade to SP3 and the problem is solved. SP3 is also free. What more could you ask for and you can continue to use Windows XP for the next decade! LOL! I have two machines in the family using XP and both have SP3 installed without issues. They will continue to run XP until they blow up. Neither has enough poop to run Vista or 7. One of my clients is a food pantry I service through my church, and all six computers they use are XP. Yes, all running SP3.

Comments welcome.

Source – CW