There should be an image here!I don’t envy the people who are responsible for hiring job candidates at companies right now. In one way they have an advantage because there are so many people looking for work at this time, but that fact can also be a huge negative. While traditional resumes still serve a purpose, a lot of companies have realized that there are more effective ways to find out what a potential candidate is really like. Anyone can either write a standard template resume or have one written for them, so there’s more that can be done in this area. HireHive enables you to ask job seekers specific questions and view their responses through text, a short video, a file, or an image.

A free plan exists, but paid plans open the door for more responses. If you’re looking through someone’s application, you can just imagine how something like this would help someone to stand out. The video responses alone would tell you a lot about how a person communicates and presents themselves. Anyone who’s looking for a job shouldn’t be scared by one of these questionnaires because if they really want the job, they’ll be willing to cooperate and make their application more personal.