There should be an image here!The thunder of the sea and the smell of exotic spices accompany your journey as you discover new islands with thriving ports full of exotic goods. Sail through unknown waters where no ship went before you, compete with other exploring traders, fight mythical sea-monsters and gather ancient artifacts that lead to a legendary treasure.

Ancient Trader is a quick, pick-up-and play arcade family-entertainment strategy game in the style of digital distribution titles like Carcassonne and Catan.

You sail your ship through an uncharted area to find new islands and ports offering goods for trade as well as various equipments and quests. Sailing from island to island, you gather riches and upgrade your ship from a fragile barge into a formidable galleon, capable to take on the mythical sea monsters lurking in the surrounding oceans. Once strong enough, you can aspire to obtain three ancient artifacts that lead to the legendary treasure and challenge its mythical guardian.

  • Explore the seas, trade goods with islands or fight ancient sea monsters
  • Upgradable ship, changing its properties and visuals
  • Balanced game play between exploring, trading, fighting or performing quests
  • Set of predefined maps, including tutorial maps; a random map generator for endless game play
  • Simple and easily accessible trading strategy game

Download and play Ancient Trader! ($9.99)