There should be an image here!For those of you new to the tech world, the idea of being trained on handling the needs of aging mainframes might seem a bit daunting. Rightfully so, being as the folks that managed these beasts may not be around the workplace any longer.

According to this piece, many of the original gatekeepers for these behemoths have retired, moved onto other jobs, or perhaps onto different positions within the company. Yet for those new to this field of work — IT specifically — learning how to maintain the mainframes has turned into on-the-job training as it’s not being taught in the schools apparently.

This means companies such as IBM need to make sure that they have staff that can keep these old monsters going despite the age of the mainframes in question. With so many people still relying on them for key needs, there is potentially an opportunity for those who know a thing or two about keeping mainframes running.

[Photo above by scriptingnews / CC BY-ND 2.0]

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